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Well, when we started for energy saving opportunities, the renewable energies were one of our primary sources of attention.

But after much research, we came to realize that by living in an apartment block we have little chance to implement renewable energies. For those living in a house, with some garden space, there are more opportunities but even then we need to fully consider the initial investment against the returns.

We are now researching those renewable energy opportunities that are of real relevance for the average individual of family. Still, as we are on or way yet, there is no much advice we can provide at the moment.

Until we can come back to you with proven renewable energies saving opportunities, take the advice below with a pinch of salt

Four proven ways to reduce household waste and expenses

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1 - Outdoor solar light
2 - Solar power banks

1 - Outdoor solar light

For those living in a house who need a light at the front door, at the patio or at the shed, outdoor solar lights are an option to consider.

If you already have a power supply cable at the point where the light is needed, most probably you can find cheaper options, specially by using LED lights. But if there is not power supply cable at the point where the light is needed, the outdoor solar lights will definitely be a cheaper option that running a cable all the way from the switchboard.

There are many products on the market but the only that we are displaying below has hundreds of good reviews and it comes packed with useful features. For more information about this and other similar products, clicking on the image below will open the Amazon product page.

2 - Solar power banks

Solar power banks are a useful to have gadget for those who spend much time outdoors and want to be able to charge their phone, or tablets.

Still, given the prize of the article and the few cents that it cost to charge a phone or tablet at home, we don’t see the point of buying one solar power bank, power it up in our balcony or terrace and then use it to charge our devices. Not unless it is also used in parallel with outdoors activities.

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Earn passive income
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