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Most of the households do waste electricity, gas or water in one way or another. As a result, electricity is being over consumed by inefficient appliances, hundreds of liters of water are being wasted daily by the of lack of a better understanding and most of the people has acquired habits that lead to an ever increasing carbon footprint.

The path to water and energy conservation requires awareness, knowledge and the will to make our homes and lifestyles as efficient as possible.

Seven proven ways to reduce household expenses

Before going ahead, we really recommend to first have a look to the Effiworkx YouTube channel videos. On those videos we explain concepts that will be of your interest.

1 - Earn while surfing the web

If you have arrived here that means that you, like most of us, are surfing the web and browsing your favorite pages. The laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phone that you are using consumes electricity that you have to pay every month so why not to earn while surfing the web and use those earnings to, for example, pay for part of your electricity bill.

The Brave browser and the Presearch search engine rewards the user for just using them and it is an effortless way of earning while doing what we do on daily basis. Just give them a try, nothing to lose and much to gain…

If you want to know more and benefit from it, have a look to this post.

Brave Presearch featured image

2 - Stop using bottled water.

For many years we were consuming bottled water and recently we have came to learn that we literally wasted thousands of Euro. We have calculated that we were wasting around 500 euro a year for no benefit whatsoever.

We wrongly assumed that our tap water was not safe enough to drink and all our drinking water, except for boiled water used for making tea, came from bottled water. One day we decided to challenge our decision and bought a drinking water test kit only to discover that our tap water is perfectly safe for drinking.

You may be in the same situation so you may consider to invest a little money against purchasing a drinking water test kit because that decision may also save you hundreds of euro.

The cost of drinking bottled water

If you want to learn more, have a look to this post where we provide more information. Alternatively, use this calculator to:

– Calculate how much money could you save from stopping or reducing bottled water consumption –


Do you want to know more about the electricity and water usage for producing water bottles? Have a look to this ‘Bottled Water and Energy Fact Sheet’.

3 - Swap from bottled sparkling water to a sparkling water maker.

In some countries sparkling water is very popular and, as with the stilled bottled water, the prize of one bottle of sparkling water may not seem that high but the economic impact is quite noticeable in the long run

In the following table we are going to compare the costs of buying sparkling bottled water against a making the sparkling water ourselves by using soda maker machine. As side note, we have chosen Soda Stream for this example because this is the branch we are using at home.

bottled sparkling water Vs soda maker

4 - Protect your pipes and home appliances by installing a water softener.

If you are living in an area with hard water, you must know that most probably that this is costing you money.

With hard water, scale and scum will accumulate in your pipes and in those appliances that regularly use water like kettles, washing machines or dishwashers, causing them to fail prematurely.

Additionally, hard water makes more difficult for the chemicals to dissolve leading to the need of having to use more a more chemicals, like detergent, just to get an effective clean.

And the negative effects of hard water will not only be limited to our appliances or chemicals but washing in hard water will leave soap behind causing dry skin and itchiness to the point that it may cause eczema symptoms to worsen.

If you want to know more, have a look our post Water hardness, soap scum and limestone: How they may be affecting our household and our health

Measure Home Water Hardness Level

If you suspect to have hard water in your house have a look to this video.

YouTube Video: How to measure your home water hardness level – Filtrasoft Test Kit

We are working towards making the videos available in different languages so, if English is not your main language, have a look to our YouTube channel for other language options.

5 - If your appliances have an ECO function, USE IT.

For our home, we bought energy efficient appliances for which we paid a premium. We are speaking about a dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer.

As those appliances were rated as Energy Start A+++ or A++, we wrongly assumed that they are more efficient by default but we learnt that to really use them as efficiently as possible we had to use the ECO function.

Appliance ECO function

By using the ECO function, you can save on water and electricity. It may not seem a lot but for families who have to put four or five times the dishwasher and the washing machine every week, it actually represents a significant saving opportunity

Dishwasher cycleElectricityWater
Without ECO function1,1 kWH15 liters
With ECO function0,60 kWh12 liters
Washing machine cycleElectricityWater
Withour ECO function0,54 kWh47 liters
With ECO function0,37 kWh40 liters

To buy an energy efficient appliance it is a totally different matter, but if you already have one, you better use it properly if you really want to maximize its efficiency.

6 - Laundry washing ball. Washing without detergent.

A laundry washing ball works by using a combination of magnets and mineral and ceramic balls. This combination it is used to increase the water PH value so impurities can be loosen more easily and washed away.

You just need to put the washing ball inside your washing machine drum along the clothes and that is it. Your clothes will be washed and no harmful substance or bleaches from detergents will finish up as part of the groundwater.

Laundry washing ball - Washing without detergent eco alternative

Washing with a laundry ball it is much cheaper than washing with detergent. IF you want to know more, have a look to this post where we explain our own positive experience with a laundry ball.

7 - Coffee pods Vs Coffee beans. The most economic option.

The cost of a single cup of coffee is not that high, nearly negligible when compared to the rest of the household expenses. Still, for those households with two or three coffee drinkers, the cost of buying coffee quickly adds up over time.

This is why it is important to step back and have a look to small expenses like buying coffee. Or, even more important, to have a look to the overall cost of buying a new coffee machine plus the cost of buying coffee over time.

Look at the big picture and you may come to realize that a more expensive coffee machine may actually be a more cost effective option over time.

coffee pods vs coffee beans

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