What is standby power cosumption

Standby power consumption at home

Standby power consumption it is the power used by a device or appliance when the are not in active use.  

Those appliances and devices that draw power while in standby mode are also called vampire loads or phantom loads.

Many devices, like TVs or microwave ovens, remain in standby while not in active use to they can be quickly put back into use. This is, instead of having to wait a few seconds so the device can go through the power on cycle, the device can be put back into use instantaneously because it was never completely powered off.

The standby power consumption it is relatively low but low power consumption over long periods of time can quickly amount to a considerable cost.

Standby power consumption calculator

The calculator below can be used to calculate the cost over time of a device or appliance kept in standby mode during long periods of time.


For other useful calculators have a look to the electricity consumption calculators page.

How to find out what appliances or devices are consuming power while in standby mode

For those interested in learning how to find out what home appliances or devices are using power while in standby mode, better an image than a thousand words. Have a look to the video below, acquire the knowledge, use it and save money by eliminating vampire loads.

We are working towards make the videos available in many languages so if English is not your main language have a look to the channel for other language options.

Eliminate standby power consumption

Now that you have learnt what standby power consumption is, consider your options to reduce or eliminate that waste of electricity and money:

  1. Switch your devices off while they are not in use
  2. If your appliance or device has an ECO function, make sure that it is enabled
  3. Use a power strip to power off several standby devices with the flick of a single switch
  4. Use a smart power strip to measure and control the standby loads
  5. Use a visually friendly smart socket to avoid unnecessary standby times

We trust that we found this information useful and educative.

If you want to know how to reduce your electricity consumption and save money, clicking on the image below will take you to the Effiworkx electricity page.

Plug in power meter electricity consumption

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