Water usage calculator

Calculate your water consumption using an online calculator

Do you know how much water is your household using daily?

It may come to a surprise to get to know how much water we are using every single day and how much of that water it is being wasted.

Many of us are lucky enough that our water cost it is relatively low, it may amount to just one or two euro per 1000 liters of water, but that doesn’t mean that we should be wasting water.

Water consumption calculators

If you want to find out how to know how much water you are using, first have a look to the post.

If you already know how much water your household is using, use the calculator below to find out the yearly water usage and water cost.


The fist step towards reducing our water consumption it is to be aware of where and how much water we are using. It is quite common to see advice like, reduce the length of your showers and save water but there is more to it.

If your shower head water flow rate it is very high, you may be wasting water. Instead of reducing your shower length, it may be enough with reducing the water flow.

In any case, the first step to reduce our water consumption it is awareness and once we know what our water consumption is we can take further steps towards saving water.



The same principle applies to our water consumption in other areas, like the tap water consumption. Could your water taps perform the same functions with a reduced flow rate?

Do you need to consume 6 liters per minute to just wash your hands?

Do you need to consume 6 liters per minute to just clean your teeth?

It is both important to control the time using water and the water flow rate as both factors determine how much water we use.


For more useful water consumption calculators, have a look to our water consumption calculators page.

Reduce your water consumption

Now that you are more aware of how much water your are using, if you are interested on learning how to reduce your water consumption and save money, click on the icon below and have a look to our water efficiency page.

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We trust that the information shared if it of interest for anyone who is interested in becoming aware of how much water it is being consumed in our households and what are the best water saving opportunities that we can apply to reduce our water consumption and save money.

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