Laundry washing ball - Washing without detergent

Laundry washing ball - Washing without detergent eco alternative

We have been using a laundry washing ball at home at we can state that it works.

For those clothes that do not have any major stains, the laundry washing ball it is more than enough to have the clothes washed properly.

Now we are not only reducing our environmental impact by not using that much detergent by also saving money by significantly reducing the amount of detergent that we have to buy.


We are paying 15 euro for a 3,5 liters detergent bottle that, at 70 ml of detergent per cycle, allows us to run 50 cycles per bottle of detergent. Or, what it is the same, a cost of 30 cents per washing machine cycle.

Laundry washing ball:

We have paid 16,95 euro for our washing ball and it has a lifespan of 1000 washing cycles, or three years, which gives us a cost of 0,016 euro per washing machine cycle.

Cost per cycle
Detergent30 cents
Laundry washing ball0,016 cents

How does the laundry washing ball works?

The washing ball that we are using works by using a combination of magnets and mineral and ceramic balls. This combination it is used to increase the water PH value so impurities can be loosen more easily and washed away.

You just need to put the washing ball inside your washing machine drum along the clothes and that is it. Your clothes will be washed and no harmful substance or bleaches from detergents will finish up as part of the groundwater.

Choosing a laundry washing ball

The best advice we can give is, read the product reviews.

Clicking on the picture below will redirect you to the Amazon Germany website and to the product we have bought but, if you cannot get the same exact product in your country, there are many other vendors to choose from.

Just have a look to the product reviews to find those with the most positive reviews.

We want to leave very clear that for those clothes with major stains the washing ball may not be able to fully remove the stains. In those cases we are using detergent, until we come up with an eco friendly alternative.

For those clothes which just require to be washed up and refreshed, a laundry washing ball it is perfect alternative to detergents.

An efficient lifestyle reduces waste and expenses

The path to water conservation requires awareness, knowledge and the will to make our homes and lifestyles as efficient as possible.

If you would like to learn about other tips that can help you on saving energy, water and money, have a look to our Lifestyle webpage.

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