Install a water saving tap aerator, reduce your water consumption and save money

Water saving tap aerator bathroom

We have reduced our bathroom tap water consumption in hundreds of liters every year by installing an inexpensive water saving tap aerator.

Most of us understand the importance of saving water so we do our best to close the water taps while not in use and teach our children that water is very valuable and must not be wasted.

Still, as a parent, I have came to realize that very small children (and some adults) may not have yet enough awareness and we need to take a more active role into making sure that water is not being wasted.

Because of the strong water pressure at home, our bathroom tap was using much more water that necessary for just simply cleaning the hands or brushing the teeth. We were wasting water and money!

Water saver tap aerator: Cheap, easy to install, big savings

I came across a water saving tap aerator that claimed to use only one liter of water every 3,8 seconds and had very good reviews so I decided to give it a try.

If you also decide to install a water saving tap aerator, my advise is to look for aerators that specifically describe the water usage (for example, one liter of water every 5 second) and to avoid those which make claims like ‘save up to 30%’.

We recently purchased a water saving shower head that claimed to save up to 30% of water. Well, it is actually saving us 1% of water so that means that we have wasted 30 euro that we could had used to buy something else

In any case, the water savier tap aerator has been a great investment: Low cost, easy installation and big water and money savings.

1 liter every 6 seconds1 liter every 15,5 seconds
10 liters per minute3,8 liters per minute
5 minutes per day = 50 liters per day5 minutes per day = 19 liters per day
50 x 330 days per year = 16,500 liters per year19 x 330 days per year = 6,270 liters per year
16,500 x 2 euro per cubic meter = 33 euro/year6,270 x 2 euro per cubic meter = 12,5 euro per year

A saving of 25 euro a year is actually a very good result because the cost of purchasing a tap aerator is quite low.

Still, the amount of water saved is astonishing which really makes it a worthy investment for any family.

On the video below we are walking you over the whole process of installing a tap aerator, which is quite a simple process that anyone can do.

We are working towards making the videos available in different languages so, if English is not your main language, have a look to our YouTube channel for other language options.

We hope to convince as many people to install water saving tap aerators because we really believe that it is a simple but very positive way to save both money and water.

For anyone who still have doubts, use the following calculator to decide if it is really worth for you to purchase a water saving tap aerator.


Reduce your water consumption

Now that you have learnt how to install a water saving tap aerator, if you are interested on further increasing your knowledge and learning how to reduce your water consumption and save money, click on the image below and have a look to our water efficiency page.

We trust that the information shared if it of interest for anyone who is interested in becoming aware of how much water it is being consumed in our households and what are the best water saving opportunities that we can apply to reduce our water consumption and save money.

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