Learn how to read a water meter

Learn how to read a water meter

A water meter is a device that measures and records how much water is being consumed over time.

Every time that we use water at home, the amount of water being consumed is being accounted by the water meter and the reading on the water meter it is used by the water providers to invoice us for our water consumption.

Most of the households have a water meter and every so often someone is coming to get the readings. This is what most of the people knows about water meters but for those with a little but more of knowledge and awareness the water meter can be a very useful tool to learn about our water consumption habits and find out ways to reduce the water consumption.

» Do you know how much water you are using every time you are having a shower?

» Do you know how many liters per minute you bathroom tap is consuming?

» Are your bathroom taps delivering more liters per minute than necessary?

» Are you wasting water without knowing it?

Learn how to read a water meter

If you want to learn how to read a water meter and decrease your water consumption, have a look to the video below from the Youtube Effiworkx channel.

In this video where we are explaining not only how to read a water meter and what a cubic meter of water is but also how this knowledge can translate into reduction our water consumption.

How many liters are a cubic meter of water?

A cubic meter (m3) of water is the equivalent to 1000 liters of water.

1m3 = 1000 liters

The cubic meter is the measurement unit used by the water providers to calculate the water cost based on an agreed cost per cubic meter. Most of the houses have a water meter which measures the amount of water being consumed and if we are able to understand the value displayed by the meter we can calculate the water cost.

As an example, the water meter below is showing a water consumption of 1,214 cubic meters (m3) which is the equivalent to 1214 liters.

(1214 liters / 1000) x 2 euro per cubic meter = 2,5 euro (approx.)

Water consumption calculator

For those which access to the water meter, it is quite simple to figure out the daily water consumption and the total cost. The calculator below calculates the water cost per year based on an average daily consumption.


For more useful calculators, have a look to our water consumption calculators page.

Reduce your water consumption

Now that you know how to read a water and what a cubic meter is, if you are interested on learning how to reduce your water consumption and save money, click on the icon below and have a look to our water efficiency page.

We trust that the information shared if it of interest for anyone who is interested in becoming aware of how much water it is being consumed in our households and what are the best water saving opportunities that we can apply to reduce our water consumption and save money.

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