Most of the households do waste electricity, gas or water in one way or another. As a result, electricity is being over consumed by inefficient appliances, hundreds of liters of water are being wasted daily by the of lack of a better understanding and most of the people has acquired habits that lead to an ever increasing carbon footprint.

The path to water and energy conservation requires awareness, knowledge and the will to make our homes and lifestyles as efficient as possible.

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We are constantly looking for the best electricity, heating and water saving opportunities and then working towards separating the grain from the chaff so we can share the best advice. We have separated the advice by categories so go ahead, click on an icon and start your efficiency journey.

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Get the knowledge, apply it and reduce your energy and water consumption

Have a look to our home efficiency videos where we explain some very important concepts everyone who wants to save energy and water should know about.

We are working towards making the videos available in different languages so, if English is not your main language, have a look to our YouTube channel for other language options..

Proven ways to reduce electricity, heating and water consumption

While looking for the best energy and water saving opportunities and tips, we have come across too much advice that it is rather superficial. In most of the cases if feels like if someone it is getting paid to write content and copy/paste ideas from here and there.

If such advice didn’t work for us most probably it will work for you either so we are working towards documenting our findings so everyone can benefit of proven ways to reduce electricity, heating and water consumption.

This is our strategy: First we measure the consumption, then we look for cost efficient solutions, test them and finally measure the results.

As an example, the table below has been extracted from the water page and it shows a bathroom tap water consumption before and after installing a water saving tap aerator. 

Standard tap aerator Water saving tap aerator
1 liter of water every 6 seconds1 liter of water every 15 seconds
10 liters of water per minute3,8 liters of water per minute
5 liters x 10 minutes per day = 50 liters per day3,8 liters x 5 minutes per day = 19 liters per day
50 liters x 220 days per year = 16,500 liters per year19 liters x 330 days per year = 6,270 liters per year
16,500 liters x 2 euro cubic meter = 33 euro per year 6,270 liters x 2 euro cubic meter = 12,5 euro per year

Find out your water consumption using our calculators and check how much water and money can be saved by just knowing where to look at.

Calculate your water consumption using an online calculator

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